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About Me

Engineer by Education. Marketer by Profession.

I have huge enthusiasm towards marketing. I really glad I came into this field by accident(pandemic). Apart from this, I love to talk with people, reading books sometimes, watching Netflix, and learning new things.

My Experience

Career switch from engineering to digital marketing.

It was really tough to jump from engineering field to rapidly growing digital marketing field. I took risk and I feel it was the best decision I took in life.



I left the agency and started working as a freelancer.



I directly jumped from engineering to SEO(digital marketing) and joined agency as a SEO.


Completed Engineering

I successfully completed my degree.


Joined Engineering Course

I joined degree college and enrolled for mechanical branch.

Frequently Asked Questions – Atul Ghorpade

Atul Ghorpade is a digital marketer(SEO) based in Mumbai.

Yes. We can do local SEO using Google Business Profile. Contact Atul Ghorpade if you’re looking for local SEO expert.